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Today is National Pet Day! This holiday is all about appreciating and celebrating the wonderful pets in your life.

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Did …. Samsung's Dream Doghouse has a tablet that plays dog-themed content to entertain your pup. Samsung UK has created the most …. Shop now! With the New Year approaching, here are five resolutions that will ensure a more healthy and happy life not only …. Thinking About A Dog for Christmas? Christmas is a great time for giving and during this season many people are tempted to either get a dog …. Like people, dogs are complex, sentient creatures.

Puppy Horoscope - Aquarius Dog

They feel love and joy, sorrow and pain. They have thoughts and …. Joan Rivers Adored her Dogs.

Joan Rivers was a huge animal lover. After her husband committed suicide in , she too considered ending her life. Every year, millions of dogs and cats in the U. Boxerstock Music Festival Our hearts go …. Half Man Half Pit. Half Man …. Fans often see the human side of celebrities and professional sports icons through their choice of pets. Pet choice …. The Montgomery Humane Society. These people really love their work. Although having a pet can be the coolest, it's also a big responsibility.

As a dog owner, it is your job …. Everything else will fall into place. However, be mindful of your temperament; your headstrong attitude may scare people off. Tone yourself down in conversations with friends and discussions in lectures, and practice being a good listener. You might even end up leading others in a study group or debate class. Dragons are blessed with excellent health, both mentally and physically. They can push their limits and do more than the average individual. However, sickness does not escape the Dragon. Just like the other zodiacs, they are susceptible to colds and minor illnesses.

Although it is rarer to come down with something, when it does happen, it hits hard. Instead of pushing through like normal, address the symptoms when they first show up. Use essential oils and preemptive medicines to ward off sickness. Be mindful of circulatory and digestive issues throughout the year. Because Dragons continually go above and beyond in the workplace, they can face exhaustion easily. Learn how to pace yourself in stressful situations to avoid burning out. Independence will suit you well for the year. Relationships will not be the focus for Although this might seem like a negative forecast, it is not.

There is always time to be self-centered and introspective. You might learn something new about yourself. Use this year to explore new things outside of relationships. A pottery class, yoga, lifting—just about anything works.

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If you do end up in a relationship for the year, enjoy time apart. Independence is an essential part of a healthy relationship. For married Dragons life will be smooth if you can put in the time and effort. Stubbornness might get in the way of your overall relationship satisfaction. Tread lightly during heavy conversations.

If you need to cool off, take some space to regroup your thoughts, and start over. Being able to communicate is a significant factor in a happy marriage. The Rat will be a year of good fortune for the Dragon. The relationship between the Rat and the Dragon will multiply success. Of all the forecasts, your career will benefit the most. Focusing on yourself in all aspects, from health to relationships, will be best. Enjoy this lucky year! In , the cerebral and clever approach of the Dog will quickly transform into the direct and unmediated outlook of the Pig.

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Dragons will surely master this approach and entertain many opportunities this year as long as they stay focused and collected. Maintaining good deeds and charitable acts is equally important to ensure that your luck will last throughout the year. The Year of the Dog held some challenges for Dragons. It was not without its good moments but this year you will see less obstacles in your path. Several lucky stars shine on your efforts as the Year of the Pig fosters some affection for Dragons.

However, you are not wholly compatible with the Pig, so you must learn to be more compliant this year and less stubborn. Dragons' career outlook is very favorable this year. Those who work on commission such as salesmen, realtors, or financial advisors can expect a steady increase in revenue and a nice bonus on one of their larger contracts. Entrepreneurial Dragons can expect their endeavors to flourish this year. New careers or businesses will be off to a good start, but will be even more successful if you partner up with a Monkey or Rat. Dragons will see a significant improvement in their studies as your motivation increases this year.

If Dragons can keep this up, they will be able to absorb and retain knowledge easily.

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Consequently, the Year of the Pig is a suitable year for taking exams. If Dragons become too stressed over their studies, however, they risk altercations with classmates or teachers. In order to stay positive, Dragons must manage their stress accordingly. Relaxing activities such as guided meditation and yoga will help them to stay calm. There are no negative health threats or serious illnesses on the horizon this year for Dragons. If they are particularly lucky, an existing condition will lighten its burden over the coming months.

The Best Dog Breed for You Based on Your Zodiac Sign

For the more senior Dragons, there may be some dietary complications. Be sure to monitor your diet at home and when dining out. Both male and female Dragons will have their pick from an abundance of eligible mates; but take caution if you are persuaded to have casual flings this year as they may sabatoge long term prospects. For Dragons who have already bridged this gap and are in a committed relationship, this year will see some checkered success for you.

Be careful what you say when you are upset and learn to problem solve by communicating. Some might say miscommunication is the Dragons' greatest weakness. Do not ignore small problems this year in your relationships as they are the beginning of larger issues to come. To better your odds in love, Dragon women can wear green jewelry, the more rectangular the better.