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The degree of declination of planets may be found in the Ephemeris. Note: In Horar "' astrology any planet conjunction with the Sun is adverse, being "combtl'. Solar Aspects The table. Adverse Conjunction, 12 degrees approaclring a planet or ' point in the. Lunar Aspects! Sextife, 52 to 68 degrees apart..

Good Quintile, 68 to 76 degrees apart..

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The orb of Pluto has not been definitely ascertained. Vigintile, 16 to 20 degrees apart Sextile, 52 to 68 degrees apart.. Cood Quintile, 68 to 76 degrees apart.. Adverse Tredecile, to degrees apart.. Good Sesquiquadrate, f33 to deg. Bi-quintile, to deg. Opposition, to 18i degrees apart Adverse Conjunction, within 8 degrees approaching or leaf- ing a planet or point in the zodiac.

In following Nature's urge we not only feel goocf during good aapeda but we ypress our feelings In pleasant thoughts, words II. Aatroloey polota the way. Venus and MerCJ. Where declinations of planets are given for every third day, if your required date is one not shown, re- me! The result is motion in 3 days; if you need to go 1 day farthc;. In Part II of. In the Simplified Scientific Ephemeris the declinatiom. Beginners need not try toereauce the aeellnauon 01 the above named planets to the hour and min.

The object of working on the dec- linations is to compare them one with another to ascer- tain if any are in parallel; i. Parallels so:ound , are recorded in the list of aspects, as illustrated later on, because the effect of a parallel is of similar nature to a conjunction. Planetary angles or aspects are one 'of the chief Influences ,wltlch direct the matabollstlc proeesse11 of the hody. Herem lies the crux f how planets affect people.

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We lind planetary vlbrallons giving dhectlon to metabolism expand lng, contractlhg and ot. PAR'r I. Mercury Good-Conj. Venus Good-Conj.

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Sun t;ood-Conj, or flo with Jupiter. Mars Good-No Conj. Jupiter Good-Conj.

Qf P with Uranus, 'Neptune or Pluto. Uranus Good! To Uldat earnest students to give full consideration to the matter of upects, we reprint tbe foT! Kepler very carefully pursued Genethliacal astroJogy and d:lmpiled a diary of the events in his life which coinc! A scientist Of his ability cannot, be classed as "either a fool or a knave. They praise Kepler for his astronomical findings and condemn his "astrologi4l'researches. However, it is unnecessary to make discussion of a matter which anyone, ,honestly seeking truth,.

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In the textbooks a full ac- courft ,1,s given Of the iules necessary for computing and recording the aspects to determine their strength and influence indicated by horoscopes. Planetary 'aspects are the potent influences which motivate the world. Hence aspects become the most importa'fit fac- tor t'br the consideration of astrological researchers. Ptolemy, justly termed "The Father of Modern As- trology," in. The inference is obvious..

A man who has acquired several degrees has exercised his inherent abilities; travelling and lecturing have brought exper- ience; contact with officials gives him opportunity. He knows how to utilize knowledge and is lapable of large respor. Adverse aspects are nol always detrimental; the.

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By this the individual may oreate capacity, experience and opportunity leading to achievement. Jdsitive a!. Here we see how an adverse aspect may"exhibit its most malign influence and how that same aspect may be greatly modified according as it was' contacted by sign and house and the nature 'Of the planets involved The same premises may be applied to the favmable aspects. In these two illustrations the student is examining the actual elements in a chart upon which to base the judg- ment alild is baing so ,tn the same scientific manner in whieh researchers in other branches of science proceed to makt!

The inference is obvious of httw differently the same aspect could operate. The mere interpretation of a horoscope is insufficient; indeed it may prove discour- aging or hurtful unless astrology is understood to be the means of pointit!

In connection with astrology the study of metapiysics will assist in. Ita value Ia In the tac:t tbat It does for tbe human race what no other stllnte pretenda. It abows man his proper place In life,.. The reading given for a. I" Mercury in third house well aspected,' for instance b;" Jupitf:r, gives a jovial mind with very good judgent. Success in writings, travel and pro- fessonal matters.


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Quick tempere,d, sarcastic, resent,ul, impatient, impulsive and forceful in ,speech. Difficulty through writirfgs and trouble with brethren or neighbor!. Saturn in second house iP. Therefore, 'Jearn well what each house governs, the chara. Th"e principal aspects to l;e considered in a nativity are the major aspects, i.

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Squire and Sextilc. They give responsive nets In accordonce with thelr.. They follow the lelld ol the hl,lnd leading the blind.

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For them the astrologer can very accurately rend wluu they will do; wl1at will happen to them, und when It will occnr. Jtlru which astrology supplies. How "to Det6"mine - It. It is not so strong when in the! When a planet is neither in its Home Sign, Exaltation, Detriment or Fall, its strength is judged accordigg to its position by house in the horoscope, whether Angular, Succedent or Cadent.