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A year later, talk of marriage and the possibility of a wedding held on the shores of the Bay of Bengal came up. His calm, conservative Capricorn qualities were a perfect balance to my fiery, impulsive Leo nature.

You May Not Be The Sign You Think You Are!

But did we have the zodiac compatibility I desired? My friends and family approved and couldn't wait for the wedding date to be set.

I made the 8,mile trip to the subcontinent to meet his family, hopeful as ever to impress my in-laws-to-be, only to be told that our Vedic horoscopes were not a good match for marriage. Despite India's rapid economic growth and the technological boom, Hindus — who comprise a vast majority of its population — are traditional folk, and rely on Vedic astrology to help guide their lives.

This Eastern horoscopic system is a branch of the Vedas, Hindu scriptures from thousands of years ago. It has a different zodiac than its western counterpart , and predicts the probability of certain events happening based on the prevailing planetary positions at the time and place of birth. Almost every child gets a horoscope prepared at birth, indicating when important milestones — such as the completion of education and the year of marriage — may take place.

Some ardent believers also consult either an astrologer called a pandit — the local priest proficient in understanding the system — or a Vedic calendar to guide them in their daily lives.

There is an auspicious time for everything, from the time a baby is named to the time a corpse is cremated. Similarly, marriages often go forward only if the astrologer deems the match favorable. The pandit studies the charts and characteristics based on Raasi the moon signs of the individuals, and implements a point system in which the higher the compatibility number, the better the match.

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He further analyzes whether the bride or the groom have a dosha, meaning a negative spell caused by the entrance of either Saturn or Mars in their horoscopes, the two malefics that forebode illness, death or divorce. More specifically, they use different methods to determine the date ranges for their signs — methods that also dictate how astrologers in each discipline make their predictions.

Meanwhile, tropical predictions tend to pertain more to the individual and his or her psychological state and rarely take as wide a look at the future. The key difference here is that, whereas sidereal astrology sometimes includes Ophiuchus between Scorpio and Sagittarius, Western astrology always omits it. Ahead, we present you with a primer on the strengths and weaknesses of every sign, including Ophiuchus.

Sidereal Love & Sex Sign Matchups: (Masculine)

Like we said, a lot has been going on this week, and we could all use an astrological palate-cleanser. Click through to get your groove back. We all know about the havoc wreaked by Mercury retrograde, but what about Pluto? The dwarf planet has been retrograde since April Now, let's talk about Moon sign compatibility for a moment, one of the most neglected parts in Western compatibility analysis.

It's a misconception, this time among astrologers, that the Moon is more important in women's horoscopes than in men's. The Moon is the most significant pointer to everything that women AND men alike are unconsciously and emotionally attracted and attached to!

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The gender is absolutely of no importance here, though the outcome for men and women may sometimes be different. The position of the Moon will tell you something about whom or what trait you feel attracted to.

The Moon will bring you to your Comfort Zone, remember? As far as we know, there are not much books in the English language about Moon sign compatibility. She favors and advocates the Sidereal Zodiac, not the tropical one.

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The other book we know of that mentions the Moon signs, comes from the hand of Jacqueline Bigar and is entitled Women and Their Moon Signs. In this book, Jacqueline Bigar combines the Moon position with the Sun position, describing relationship options. Though it seems that the author has written this book for women only, men too can gain some insight by reading it. When the respective Moons are in signs of a different element remember the description we gave under the sign compatibility?

So, it's best to have the respective Moons in the same or a compatible element. This is one of the major conditions to talk about Moon sign compatibility. But, as it goes, you will certainly know of people whose respective Moons are in compatible signs, possibly even making a harmonious aspect sextile or trine with one another, and who were not attracted to one another.

Indeed, as we stated, Moon sign compatibility is more important than Sun sign compatibility , but there are numerous other factors to take into account too. And some of them DO overrule the Moon signs! We will discuss them when we talk about love and compatibility horoscopes. So far, we have only dealt with Western astrology which is more Sun sign directed, whereas Vedic astrology is primarily directed to the Moon lunar zodiac. It seems that the lunar zodiac contains the origins of astronomy and astrology since the ancients first looked for the Moon to determine the months and the seasons.

Moon, Moon, tell unto me, when my true love I shall see.